Boosting Your Home’s Appeal: The 5 Most Cost-Effective Home Fixes for Successful Selling

Daniel Naurato
Published on May 5, 2023

Boosting Your Home’s Appeal: The 5 Most Cost-Effective Home Fixes for Successful Selling

A client called recently with a question that we frequently receive here in Northville, Michigan: ‘We plan on putting our home up for sale next month and we’re wondering, aside from cleaning the home really well, are there any repairs that sellers commonly overlook? We want to make sure that the house is ready to sell for our price.’

Certain repairs simply must be made before putting your home on the market in Northville, Michigan. A leaky roof, broken windows, and an inoperable furnace aren’t going to appeal to buyers. Other fixes, however, aren’t as crucial but they can help sell the house.

‘You want to spend as little as you possibly can on the improvements that make the most sense, and ignore the ones that you’re really dreaming about because you’ll never get your money back,’ advises Barbara Corcoran on The Today Show.

First impressions matter

One of the best investments you can make for the money is to address any issues with the home’s exterior that are visible from the street. In other words, enhance the curb appeal by addressing the following in Northville:

  • Sagging and/or torn window and front-door screens
  • Peeling paint on railings or trim
  • Leaves, weeds in the gutters
  • Dead or dying landscaping
  • Dirty windows

Consider giving the front door a fresh coat of paint, adding a new welcome mat, new house numbers, and freshening up the mailbox.

If the lawn is beyond repair, installing sod will instantly improve the home’s exterior appeal. Keep in mind that ‘You can lay sod anytime during the growing season, although spring and early autumn are best—cool temperatures combined with occasional rain help sod quickly root,’ suggests Viveka Neveln, garden editor at Better Homes and Garden.

What’s underfoot?

Unless they’re high-end and impeccably clean, it may be worth removing the carpets and installing luxury vinyl plank flooring.


Not only has vinyl plank flooring become a top choice for many young homebuyers, but ‘Homes with luxury vinyl flooring in the listing description can sell for 1.7 percent more and nearly 4 days faster than expected,’ according to Terri Williams at

In terms of return on investment, the experts at state that the average homeowner pays around $2,433 for vinyl flooring, with an ROI on this project of over $3,500.

Walls and Baseboards

Applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls is an affordable way to completely transform a room from dull and outdated to fresh and contemporary. Since you’re trying to sell your home in Northville, Michigan, and not preparing it for its 15 minutes of fame on HGTV, stick to neutral colors.

However, neutral doesn’t mean boring beige or plain white. Attractive neutral wall colors include different shades of gray or gray-blue, muted robin’s egg blue-green, and some beige shades that lean towards the color of café au lait.

While they may be close to the ground and easy to overlook, baseboards can grab attention, especially when they are clean or freshly painted. Sometimes, all it takes is a swipe with a Magic Eraser to remove scuffs. If you paint the walls, don’t neglect the baseboards.

Lighten and brighten

Dimly lit houses can feel closed-in, while light and bright spaces make a home appear larger. There are several ways to brighten up a dark home in Northville. Open all window coverings before a showing and clean the windows to maximize natural light.

If you plan to market the home during gloomy weather, consider purchasing new light fixtures and lamps. It may seem like a costly undertaking, but new lighting can increase the home’s perceived value for potential buyers.

Fix plumbing problems

Leaky faucets and running toilets send a message to buyers that the home hasn’t been well-maintained and may require costly repairs in the future.

Minor plumbing repairs can be tackled by yourself if you have the necessary tools. Otherwise, consider hiring a plumber or handyman to fix any leaks and drips before listing the house.

These are just a few minor repairs you may want to consider before listing your home for sale in Northville, Michigan. Take a walk around both the outside and inside of your home and try to see it through the eyes of a stranger. You’ll be surprised by what catches your attention and may make it onto your repair list.

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